Tantric Holidays in Peru Jungle

From October 2nd to 9th
                                                 You can come alone or with a partner
In this workshop we shall create a space where to make jolly flourish our more real essence and connect with our highest energy. We shall learn, through Tantra and conscious touch, to amplify our sexual energy and expand it throughout our being until make ourselves burst in a cheerful state of ecstasy.

This one is a totally respectful course in which we shall become aware of our sexual energy’s power and sacredness.

We will be surrounded by the shocking beauty and powerful energy of the Peruvian rainforest. In Manu Biosphere Reserve, Pachamama (Mother Earth) will harbor us and will take care of us while we push out into our hearts deepest.

We shall play with nature and let it lead us to our most authentic being.

Joy is much higher than pleasure and happiness. Is much more delicate and soft: similar to a flower. If you have to choose among these three, is better you take joy. Is a subtle harmony. When your body, mind and heart go on together, in deep agreement, joy comes. Body contributes with something as mind as well, but the one that puts the biggest share is heart. Joy contains a little bit of pleasure, a little bit of happiness and something more. Osho.

You will learn to…

*Communicate with your body

*Feel and listen your heart

*Expand your sexual energy and play with it

*Connect with your inner joy

*Manage your energy

*Conscious and loving touch art

*Increase your ecstatic capacity

*Dynamic meditations

*Connect with nature

When mind be relaxed, then start to relax the heart, the feelings and emotions world, which is even more complex. Now you will know that is possible. Only then, after having taken these three steps, you will be able to take the fourth. Now you can go until the deepest core of your being, beyond the body, mind and heart: the very core of your existence. And you will be able to relax it too. Osho.

Signing up

Contact us through e-mail or phone

Information / Reservations

Magda. Phone and WhatsApp +51 984 93 36 15

Rafael. Phone and Whatsapp +51 999 16 24 34







  • October 2nd: leaving Cusco. Arriving to Reserve.
  • October 3rd: adjustment and place reconnaissance.
  • October 4th: from 6 am to 4 pm, Tantra Course. Free afternoon.
  • October 5th: from 6 am to 4 pm, Tantra Course. Free afternoon.
  • October 6th: from 6 am to 4 pm, Tantra Course. Free afternoon.
  • October 7th: from 6 am to noon, Tantra Course. 4 pm, transfer to Atalaya.
  • October 8th: sailing along Madre De Dios River.
  • October 9th: transfer to Cusco.


The schedule can vary according facilitator’s view

In case of wanting detailed information, ask us for PDF document

Price per person

1180 €    Tantra course + lodging + boat ride

*Option to visit Machupicchu (not included)


Manu Biosphere Reserve